The Chalkidiki - One of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Europe.

Greece with it's thousand years history and endless holiday destinations. The 3 fingers of Chalkidiki are certainly among the most beautiful. Kassandra, Sithonia, and the garden of the Mother of God, as the monastic republic is known with great respect by the Greeks. Some of Greece's most beautiful beaches are in Halkidiki, as is the bird sanctuary in and around the Blue Lagoon. The most exclusive hotel complexes are located here as well as the traditional stone houses in Psakoudia. Visit our partner page . The monastic republic of Athos, experience Ouranoupolis (the sky city), the border between the wordly and the spiritual. The most beautiful beaches with their unique beach bars - sun - latest music - the tightest bikinis, Halkidiki, one of the paradises of Greece. Preferably with a car from Cars Greece.

Sithonia - the wild beauty.

Sithonia - the middle finger of Halkidiki impresses with it's seemingly endless sandy beaches, isolated bays and its friendly people. Not in vain do the Greeks call the Sithonia "the wild beauty".Sithonia is largely original and still offers in many places the so popular Greece. Taverns where more Greeks sit as tourists. Interesting destinations such as the Blue Lagoon, one of the most beautiful bird sanctuaries in Greece. Rent a motorboat over Motorboot-Chalkidiki and drive through the blue lagoon in search of dolphins. The sculptor's beach, the most beautiful beach bars, the turquoise waters and the view of Mount Athos are just few highlights that make Sithonia so popular. Sithonia - you have to love her!

Inland - The Cholomondas Mountains and much more.

The forest of the Cholomondas is in winter partly covered with snow. In the summer months it offers coolness, shade and invites you for hiking or mushroom picking. From the top of the Cholomondas mountain the view extends over the endless green to the turquoise waters of the Toroneos Gulf. Small mountain villages with pensions and taverns invite you to stay. In Taxiarchis there is a wonderful forest museum, in Arnea one of the most beautiful churches in Greece. The tavern Sogambros in the middle of the forest is worth a visit. Every year in the mountain village Keli the Obelixfest takes place. Celebrate under ancient trees with Greek music in the heart of the Cholomondas. Cholomondas Mountain - one of the last forest paradises in Greece!

Sights - archaeological sites - monasteries.

Halkidiki offers many attractions in summer and winter. These can be easily reached by rental car or with your own car via good roads. The Touristik Info Holidays and more also offers a current map and additional detailed directions. Visit the birthplace of Aristotle and hike through Aristotle Park in Stagira. In Arnea you will find one of the most beautiful churches of Halkidiki. The cave of Petralona with the oldest bones in Europe and its impressive stalagmites and stalactites. Visit the church of St. Dimitrios or the white tower in Thessaloniki. Be Greek for a day! With a rental car from Cars Greece.

Winter vacation - at an average of 10 degrees.

Experience Halkidiki in winter at an average of 10 degrees. The mild climate has been seen by many guests and year after year increases the number of winter tourists and guests who spend the entire winter in Halkidiki. One of the best options is to rent one of the luxurious stone houses. More information here. Hike on the provided hiking trails or enjoy the kilometers of sandy beaches and the unforgettable sunsets. The prices in winter are much cheaper than in summer. Sights, excursions and taverns are available. Visit the monasteries of Meteora, the largest female monastery and Thessaloniki or as the Greeks say "the mother of all Greeks". Winter in Halkidiki - unforgettable!

Kassandra - Full of tourists

The only right island of the three fingers. Separated by the canal at Potidea, Kassandra is an island. On Kassandra you can find the most and largest hotel complexes on the Halkidiki. The people of Thessaloniki visit Kassandra on the weekends, so that this finger of Halkidiki is highly frequented. In the summer months there is an excellent nightlife, which is often used by many young people from all over the world. There are hotels in all price ranges. In Kassandra inland you will find the the original Greece. Kassandra - the holiday destination for night owls.

Mount Athos - The garden of the Mother of God.

Globally unique is the third finger of Halkidiki, the monastic republic of Athos with its 20 monasteries, skits and hermitages. The history of Athos and its monasteries dates back to the 4th century AC. To this day is in effect the avatos, which forbid women and females except the wildlife to enter Athos. Men can visit the monasteries, but need a so-called Diamonitirion (Visa). This can be aquired through The entire monastic republic is considered a World Heritage Site and many monasteries are being renovated again and again. A visit to Mount Athos is like a journey into an unknown world. One has the feeling that the time has stopped 1000 years ago. In economically difficult times, the number of monks sometimes reaches up to 8,000. The monastic republic of Athos - Another World!