How old must I be to rent a car !

To rent a car, you must be according to the European orders at least 23 years, and be already at least 1 year in the possession of a valid driving licence.

How and where do I get my rental car ?

Simply pay attention when you leave the airport gate to a friendly employee with a nameplate and your name on it. This employee will take you to your rental car and will drive you also again at the end of the rent time to the airport.If you have booked your rental car for a hotel or apartment, meet the employee at at the time chosen by you at the reception. If there is no reception, meet him in front of  the house. In this case, we advice you to give a mobile telephone number, so the employee can call you.

Can I require another vehicle model in the time of pick up, if i dont like what i see ?

If the booked vehicle does not correspond to your images, you have the possibility to rent perhaps another vehicle, provided that it is available at that time and for your desired time. On this occasion, an additional payment might come if the new vehicle category is higher.

Is a vehicle change possible by the vehicle handing over if the baggage does not fit the vehicle ?

A vehicle change is possible only if there are considerable differences in the booked one and the vehicle made available to you. A vehicle change in a bigger category is possible, provided that the vehicle is available at the time you need it and for the days you need it. On this occasion, an additional payment might come if the new vehicle is  classified at a higher category.

Which papers should be shown by the vehicle handing over ?

For the handing over of the vehicle to you, you need a valid driving licence, an identity card and the Voucher which came to you with the booking confirmation. For payment with a credit card we accept VISA and MASTERCARD.

What is included in the assurances ?

You have a full comprehensive insurance for your vehicle. That means your vehicle is insured in all accidents and there are no extra costs for you. If you have nevertheless a tire damage or a glass damage, this is not covered by the full comprehensive insurance. For this case there is a disclaimer of liability WUG (Wheels, Undercover, Glass). This covers the damages which are not integrated in the full comprehensive insurance. In principle in all accidents, always call the police. In addition there is in Greece 112 number. However in any case you must call your car partner and inform them immediately about the damage.

For personal damages there is the PAI insurace. This insures the driver and also the registered second driver. For all other persons who are in the vehicle there is an additional PAI.
Both insurances can be also concluded directly on site.

How can I pay my rental car ?

There are two possibilities to pay your rental car. You can book the vehicle on the Internet and pay through there a deposit, either with a credit card or an online transfer. You can also book your rental car by phone with us. Then you get your rental car directly to your holiday place or your hotel, your apartment or in the camping site. In this case, you can pay the vehicle by handing over with cash or with credit card. There is the possibility, with a short-term booking on the Internet, to pay the vehicle completely by handing over. Nevertheless, this requires a telephone confirmation from our side.

How can I change my reservation ?

A change of your online reservation can take place only in writing. For this, go to the contact part of our site and send us an email with the changes you need. Then we will send you the changed booking dates. In the case of a telephone reservation a call to our telephone center is enough.

How can I cancel my reservation ?

A cancellation can take place only in writing. This should take place however at least 10 days before the beginning of renting, since otherwise a refunding can not be granted any longer. More details for this you can find in our Ts&Cs.

What do I do in an accident ?

In case of an accident or a damage to the vehicle you must inform your rental car partner and the police.

Can I leave Greece with my rented car ?

With the vehicles rented in Greece, you may drive to all the greek islands. However it is not allowed to leave Greece with the rented vehicle.

Who may still drive the vehicle except me ?

Except you and the registered second driver, noone else is allowed to drive the rented vehicle.

Must I change a damaged tyre myself ?

In case of a flat tire you must change the tyre yourself, or you ask a gas station or a workshop to do it.