General trading and mediation terms and conditions of Cars Greece

The company Cars Greece is specialized in the mediation of rental cars. Our goal is to offer you the best cars at the best conditions!
We thank you for your trust and wish you much fun with your holiday car. Through our telephone service you can acquire all necessary information.

Cars Greece mediates rental cars of namely Rental car service companies Greece wide. 
Normally the confirmation of the rental car booking happens within 24 hours. Only in special cases (e.g. short-term bookings, special car booking, one way rentals and special equipment bookings) an inquiry has to be made to the rental car service company and wait for confirmation. After the reservation confirmation and the deposit of 20 %, the customer receives a voucher (per Email, Fax or letter), which has to be shown to the co-worker on the rental day. The rental contract is made at site between the tenant and the rental car company according to the respective regulations of the rental car company. Between Cars Greece and the customer no service exchange is made after § 1.1 VAT regulations. Therefore no invoice with sales tax ID can be issued. Cars Greece reserve the right, to change the rental car service conditions in short-term depending on availability, but has to inform the customer about it in due time.

Internet bookings
To reserve a rental car over the internet, please follow the section “booking” of our website.
Please note that an online booking has to be made at least 5 days before the desired rental start.
Please fill the forms carefully, so that a smooth process is guaranteed.
If your reservation includes delivery to an airport, please provide us with your flight number, airline and arrival time.
If your reservation includes delivery to a hotel, apartment resort or a holiday house, please enter the required information in the boxes manually.
When the reservation has been completed, you will be prompted to make the deposit.

For the booking of your car is only a deposit of 20 - 30% of the whole price needed . The rest has to be paid at the delivery of the vehicle on the rental start.

The deposit can be paid in the following ways:

1. Online bank transfer
In this way of payment you transfer the deposit on our bank account. The account information will be provided to you automatically after the booking. After the receipt of the deposit in our bank account, you will receive the final booking confirmation of you reserved car. In exceptional cases a special written approval of the company Cars Greece is necessary.

2. Paying per credit card
In this way you will be prompted to enter your credit card information. This happens in a 128 Bit secure section of the Piraeus bank server. The deposit will only become due, when your booking has been completed. The booking is  fully completed, when the deposit has been transferred to Cars Greece and the customer has received the final confirmation email.
If your credit card is not accepted, the booking will be canceled.

“Last minute” bookings can only be booked per credit card.

After the reservation confirmation a deposit of 20 - 30% is to be paid. The deposit has to be paid either per credit card or per bank transfer.

After receiving the deposit, you will receive a voucher. For bookings, where the renting starts within the next 7 days, the payment per credit card has to be made immediately. The named prices are based on a 24 hour system starting on the time of the vehicle pick up. At a later return, the car rental service on site charges the additional time based on the local fee. This can also happen, if the rental period is known. The balance is paid on the pick up of the rental car either in cash or per credit card - Visa or MasterCard.

Bookings over the telephone
Telephone bookings can normally be paid only per credit card.

Guarantee deposit
Cars Greece normally doesn’t demand a guarantee deposit. If this is necessary on exceptional occasions, then the customer will be informed about it in advance.

Rental car category
Reservations and confirmations apply to the booked category, never for a specific car model. The rental car services maintain vehicle fleets with many models of same sizes and equipment. Therefore we reserve the right to provide the customer with a vehicle of the same or a higher category.

Delivery and return of the vehicle
Already at the time of booking you can set the car delivery and return station of the car rental service. When choosing the airport as station you will need to provide us also with the flight number and the expected arrival time, so that we can maintain the reservation in case of delays. When choosing the hotel or the city office as delivery station, then the specification of the time is enough. Normally the vehicle is being hold standby for you for a maximum of 30 to 60 minutes after the specified time, as long as it is consistent with the opening times of the station. For bookings where the car delivery exceeds the opening times of the station, an extra fee maybe be charged.

Pick up and return of the rental car
The tenant receives the vehicle on the rental start and is obliged to check it for possible damages. At the return of the vehicle, all documents and additional devices have to be in the same condition as received. The gas tank has to be returned with the same fuel quantity as it was on the pick up. The tenant is obliged to comply with the contractual agreed times and place of the car return. Changes have to be made clear to the car rental service in due time, but at least 24 hours before the return of the vehicle. A change of the rental times can not be guaranteed and always requires the approval of Cars Greece.

Cars Greece reserves the right to collect the vehicle at any time and without notification, if the passengers and/or the vehicle are endangered in any way because of big negligence.

This service is either included in the price or offered on a fee by the respective car rental service, depending on the opening times and the distance from the delivering car rental station. The specification of the hotel name/location and the telephone number of the hotel is absolutely necessary at the booking. The delivery time can be agreed approximately, that means with a tolerance of up to 60 minutes.

Insurance services
The insurance fees and – services differ from the car rental service, destination, and vehicle category. Please have in mind the regulations of the rental contract, which are binding through the contract signing on site. Without the official damage report of the police no insurance services included in the rental contract can be demanded. Important requirement for the claim of insurance services is that the usage of the rental car does not violate the regulations in the contract (e.g. driving without being listed in the contract or under the influence of alcohol).
In the prices of Cars Greece, the liability insurance is included. A comprehensive cover can be agreed.
Not insured are damage on wheels, glass, mirrors, underbody, interior, roof and locks.

Also excluded from refund are damages or loss of personal items, loss or damage of the car keys, towing away fees, possible processing fees in case of damage, as well as personal costs like telephone charges, hotel stays and other travel costs (public transportation & taxis).

Valid are only the contractual regulations of the local car rental service, because the rental is subject to the national legislation of the car rental country.

Theft and miscellaneous damage
The tenant has the obligation to compensate for all car damages, that are not included in the comprehensive cover.

  1. The tenant is liable for all damages that arise on the vehicle or passengers, if he has violated the greek traffic regulations or if he exceeds the dates of the rental car use.
  2. Damages on the vehicle that arise from improper or great negligent behavior are not covered by the insurance.
  3. Damages that arise on the underbody, wheels or windshield are not covered by the fully comprehensive cover. This can be changed by signing a liability exclusion. The liability exclusion (WUG) can be signed during the booking or directly on site.
  4. Other damages like antennas, windshild-wipers, mirrors, interior damage, dirt as well as damage or loss of the car keys is not covered.
  5. Fines or damages that arise from violating the traffic regulations, are to be covered only by the tenant.

The following activities are not allowed with the rental car

  1. The towing and pulling of other vehicles, trailers and caravans.
  2. Taking part in unauthorized convoys or other meetings like demonstrations etc.
  3. The re-renting or handing over of the vehicle to 3rd persons.
  4. All activities with the rental car that violate the greek law.
  5. Driving the rental car under the influence of all kinds of drugs.
  6. The transportation of highly flammable, corrosive, toxic or very dirty items.
  7. Unauthorized transportations of foreigners.

Additional note
Cars Greece refunds no fees of additional insurances signed by the customer directly at the car rental company, even if those had not been necessary afterwards.

In case of an accident or of another event (fire, theft etc.) the customer has to comply with and do the following.

  1. To take no responsibility or blame and call in the police immediately.
  2. To take note or let someone else take note of the names and addresses of all persons involved.
  3. To immediately inform Cars Greece.

If possible, we advise you to take pictures of the place of accident as well as the involved vehicles or the make a sketch of it. Furthermore to make a written explanation of the accident and provide it together with the official accident report within 24 hours to the next station of the car rental service either per mail or by personal delivery.

Driving license
Drivers and additionally registered drivers have to be in possession of a valid license class III (Euro license category B) at least for one year (in some cases 3 years). The license has to be in roman alphabet. At all car rental companies a minimum age is required for the driver and additional driver respectively, at some also a maximum age. At the rental car delivery besides the driver’s license a valid passport or ID has to be shown.

Additional drivers
In any case, additional drivers must be registered in the rental contract to guarantee the insurance protection. Additional drivers have to be present at the car pick up and the passport/ID as well as the driving license has to be shown. Normally the registration of the 2nd driver is free of charge.

One-way rentals
One-way rentals are possible in most countries and areas without problems, but have to be requested and confirmed on the reservation. The additional charges that might happen on site can be asked at Cars Greece. One-way rentals are not allowed with all vehicles and /or between all rental stations and are subject additionally to a minimum rental period.

Border traffic
The entry to another country with the rental car has to be asked at the reservation and requires the confirmation of the respective car rental service. Mostly there are limitations for border crossing traffic or higher insurance has to be paid on site.

Special equipment
Special equipment like winter tires, child seats and other should be specified at the time of the booking as request. Depending on the respective car rental service this special equipment will be confirmed definitively or noted only as a customer request. The charges for this special equipment are considered at the booking.

Customer service
In case of problems that are not your fault, Cars Greece will support you with the regulation with the car rental company. Cars Greece however as a mediator takes no warranty or liability for the provision of services (incl. insurances) by the respective car rental company according to the rental contract, or refunds of amounts by the rental car company.

In principle rebookings prior to the rental start have to be made 48 hours before the originally planned rental start through Cars Greece and are only possible depending on availability and possibly in a higher rental price. Cars Greece charges no fees for rebookings, however possible price changes at the time of the rebooking have to be considered. On reduction of the rental period or rebooking to a smaller vehicle category there are no refunds. This also occurs, if the vehicle is picked up at a later moment or returned earlier. Cars Greece has to be informed about all changes of your rental car booking (flight data, arrival time, driver's name, vehicle category etc.). An extension of the rental period after the vehicle delivery, meaning after the rental start, is not possible. In that case a new booking has to be made and a new rental contract has to be made with the car rental company, provided a vehicle is available.

Booking cancellations until 96 hours before the rental start have a charge of 25 € as a processing fee. Those are valid as soon as Cars Greece is informed during the opening hours, on weekdays from 09.00 am to 20.00 pm as well as on the weekend from 10.00 am to 18.00 pm. For later cancellations a fee at the amount of the rental price for 3 days is charged, for shorter rental periods (1 or 2 days) the whole rental price. At cancellations because of officially recognized higher forces, Cars Greece renounces the cancellation fee and charges only a processing fee of 30 €. Cars Greece refunds no already paid but not used rental days according to the voucher at non-appearing or earlier-return. The customer has the possibility to reduce the cancellation fee with written proof of the damages.

Limitation of liability
Cars Greece is liable only for the proper provision of the rental car mediation. Cars Greece has no liability for contracts that can not be accepted on site, if there are reasons for which the customer is responsible. Possible reasons are errors or invalidity in the customer’s required documents (driving license, passport, voucher, credit card), Non-compliance on age limits, driving incapability because of alcohol or drug consumption or other.

  1. Cars Greece is liable for damages up to a maximum of 3000, - € only for intent and great negligence on the part of Cars Greece.
  2. For slight negligence Cars Greece is liable only as long as an obligation is violated, which is necessary for the compliance of the contract, and limited to the contractually typical damage.
  3. For cases of initial impossibility Cars Greece is only liable, if the service hindrances were known to them or if the lack of knowledge is based on great negligence. The above liability limitations and exclusions do not apply for damages arising from injury of life, body and health.
  4. As far as Cars Greece has limited or no liability, then this applies also to the personal liability of employees, assistants, coworkers, personnel, representatives and agents of Cars Greece. Compensation claims, for which the liability is limited after this article, except claims based on tortious acts expire in one year.
  5. Cars Greece has no liability for claims, which arise from the contractual relation with the car rental company. Furthermore Cars Greece does not guarantee for the rental object itself. In this respect the customer is limited to his contract partner on site.

A signed contract replaces all written or oral agreements made at an earlier moment.

The invalidity of single regulations of the mediation contract including these mediation regulations does not mean the invalidity of the whole mediation contract. In addition, the statutory provisions apply. The place of jurisdiction is Poligiros Greece.

State of  November 2011

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