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Why I find Cars Greece good!

Super Service. With my first reservation I had problems and I did not know what to do. I closed my PC. Half an hour later the headquarters of Cars Greece calls me and ask how they can help. They have a system, this recognizes if the customers have problems with the reservation. And 10 minutes later the car was booked and I had my confirmation and my Voucher.

So I never had a service. Should one announce by endowment product test.

Anne Herz from Stuttgart



We had booked a car about Cars Greece. When then the delivery day in Thessaloniki came, we had overslept and it has sufficed no more to deliver the car at the station. Simply sometimes call and ask what we can do, said my woman.

Super application from team. We directly to the airfield, directly before the door where one did not ordinarily can, the man of the team said. He stood already there with a Trolli for our suitcases and has helped us to unload the baggage and to bring us in the hall. Then still a little in Greek with the counter staff and we served by the haphazard procedures. Into the airplane and we went off.

Without support of the team Cars Greece we would have missed our flight.

Thanks again for the SUPER application and the help.

We can only recommend Cars Greece.

The chaotic's family from Bühren


Cars Greece again!

Good price performance ratio.

Car well that ends well!

Zimmermann H.


We were skeptical at first because of the low price and then we have looked at the reviews at the Holiday check ..

It all worked out. The car was a brand new Top Opel.

Georgos Tzipolos


First-class service from the first moment of the reservation. Car directly at the hotel. So must be a vacation. We have booked a category Car and had not been surprised badly, when we got a Ford Focus for the same price.

With pleasure again and further in such a way.

Family Tschech


How every year is the same brilliant achievement, decent vehicles and a service of the just class. We see us again in autumn on Crete.

Helmut from Aachen


Hello Team

Greetings from Berlin by Carola. Thanks again for your prompt help when I'm down in the ditch. Well Women at the wheel and so,

Maybe the next time a jeep.

Until then and kisses from Berlin to George



OK Auto

Optical Tables and Vibration OK OK

The team in Rhodes OK OK OK

Always happy

Ottokar and Gerd (with Dog Riko)


When we dealt with at the beginning of our vacation, we have proceeded as follows. First, we have informed ourselves about hotels, flights, tour operators and of course on all travel insurance. The resort is also important. It must be favorable to the car rental company must beon site and the flights may not be so expensive. This is enough to not book course yet. You have to see what you're doing so well in an accident with a rental car, the car acts as landlord. Is it a trivial accident, it is no fault of there come clean. Another issue is the bookitself: Internet or travel agent, transfer by taxi or bus, or simply want to book the fly. Which is the better option. From which country are the other tourists and have them posted on the Internet or travel agent. Holidays are such an important issue that we must leave nothing to chance. Solo travelers must also inform you about the particular policy Mallorca. Is one in an accident a replacement  vehicle that isincluded in the price. What additional insurance you should complete  and  gives  directions from the hotel. Should fly the Greek tourists onan island in advance about beaches, cheap accommodation and hotels as well as all the other tourists. When it comes to non-European countries, you should definitely take a guide and may combine flights and accommodation. In any case, one should  travel by land, tour operators and car rental companies make inquiries. Then you can not go wrong a lot.

The Travel Klaus with Family


How already in the year before, top service. Directly at the airport with sign been greeted. To the car. 5 minutes later on the street in my beloved holiday place Psakoudia. Since 5 years MY holiday purpose. As help to all who read this. In Chalkidiki you must take a hired car. Best of all directly from the airport. There is so much to look and the beaches of the Sithonia are worth always. I can only recommend Cars Greece. It was always contented and if it sometimes what gave it was helped directly, also in the middle of the night. (Thanks Jiorgo).

Susanne Ernskiel


Vacation, the best time of year, flight booking and from the beaches.
Do not forget travel insurance and book car hire over the Internet because it is cheaper. The flights and the hotel you can book via travel agent. One should conclude in any case a travel cancellation insurance and travel insurance. One of the top travel destinations for 2011 is Greece, the land of poets and thinkers. Holiday that you deserve, you should spend on a travel destination that has everything you need.

Family Engel


We wanted to spend our vacation this year in Europe. The best 5 star hotel, with pool in a resort which is really what's going on. There are cheap flights, if you look at early informed enough on the Internet. After examining some tour operators and travel agencies, we have some of Greece and  indeed booked Chalkidiki. Great place and cheap too, 350 per family member a week - €.  We  have  already  booked flights and hotel in January. 7 nights hotel accommodation in the middle of July. Furthermore, we have completed all required insurance, worry-free for a holiday.  By car from  Cars  Greece, which we have  already booked in January, we have discovered the Halkidiki. Gave great traveltips and lots to discover it online at the Holiday Check and the Tourist Information Chalkidiki.

Hans W.



Cars Greece - Greece wide rental cars at unbeatable prices

Cars Greece - Greece wide rental cars at unbeatable prices